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Welcome to USM-Security, your expert for security services and technologies. As a nationwide provider of security services and technologies, we offer customized solutions for your individual security needs. Our portfolio includes personal security, building surveillance, security technology and event protection.

Our professional and discreet team stands for quality and reliability throughout Germany. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with a safe and secure environment.

Track safety

Safe on rails with USM Security GmbH

At USM Security GmbH, we understand the critical importance of track safety for smooth operation and security in railway transportation. We offer our track safety services with utmost professionalism and reliability to support your rail projects safely and efficiently. Whether it's construction, maintenance, or protection against unauthorized access, we ensure that your track areas are secure


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Our promise to you

Why USM Security GmbH?

In a world that is evolving at breathtaking speed and constantly facing new challenges, the importance of a reliable security service is increasing exponentially. It is no longer just a luxury or a simple need - it has become an essential necessity. At USM Security GmbH, your leading security service, we are fully aware of the subtle nuances and profound complexities of the security environment. Our mission as a security service is to not only keep up with the constant changes, but to always be one step ahead of our clients.

  • Innovation and expertise:
    Our commitment as a security service is reflected in our relentless pursuit of the latest technological advances in the security industry. By continually investing in state-of-the-art security technologies and providing regular training for our security service personnel, we ensure that USM Security GmbH is always at the forefront of security innovation.
  • Personalized approach:Every client has individual security requirements. As your professional security service, we work closely with you, listen carefully and develop customized security strategies.
  • Nationwide service:
    Our presence as a security service is not limited to one city or region. Wherever you are in Germany, our expertise and network extend seamlessly across the entire country. Thanks to our regional teams, you can rest assured that you will receive the same first-class service from USM Security GmbH wherever you are.
  • 24/7 customer service:
    Because your security never sleeps, neither does our security service.Your well-being is important to us. Our dedicated and experienced team is available around the clock to ensure that your security concerns are addressed and resolved at all times.

Choose USM Security GmbH as your security service - because we understand that your peace of mind and security are the foundation for everything else.

Excellence in security

Professional security service

Since our founding, USM Security GmbH has set the gold standard in security services. As a professional security service, our deeply rooted philosophy is based on three pillars:

  • Integrity:
    As your trusted and professional security service, we always act transparently, honestly and with the utmost care. Our clients can rest assured that their security concerns will be handled with the utmost professionalism.
  • Progress:
    In a world where technology and threats are rapidly evolving, our professional security service does not stand still. Through continuous research, training and technological integration, we remain at the forefront of the security services sector.
  • Customer proximity:
    At USM Security GmbH, you are not just a number. As a professional security service, we value the relationships we build with our clients and offer customized services based on each client's individual needs and requirements.

Whether you choose our security technologies, building surveillance or personal protection services, our commitment to excellence remains constant. Let us show you how USM Security GmbH as your professional security service can make the difference in your security plan.

Technological security at USM

Pioneer in modern security technologies

At a time when technology is developing rapidly, the security industry is no exception. At USM Security GmbH, we pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of technology, enabling us to offer you the implementation of high-tech solutions.

  • Intelligent monitoring systems:
    With the advancement of camera technology, our systems not only offer high-resolution images, but also artificial intelligence for motion detection, which identifies unusual activity and triggers alarms immediately.
  • Face and fingerprint recognition:
    Our biometric solutions make it possible to grant access only to authorized persons. This prevents manipulation and ensures that only registered users have access.
  • Remote monitoring:
    In times when flexibility is essential, our cloud-based solutions make it possible to access monitoring from anywhere. This not only gives you the freedom, but also the security of always being informed.
  • Networked alarm systems:
    Our systems are interconnected to ensure maximum response speed in the event of a security incident.

By constantly renewing and updating our technology, we offer our customers the certainty of always being at the cutting edge of security technology. In an increasingly complex digital world, it is of paramount importance that security systems and strategies are not only up-to-date, but also ahead of future challenges. Our engineers and security experts continuously work together to research, develop and implement innovative solutions. This not only ensures that our customers are protected today, but also prepares them to meet the ever-changing threats of tomorrow. At USM Security GmbH, we invest in the future of security so that our customers can look to their own future with peace of mind.