Winter service

Safely through the winter with USM Security GmbH

What does "winter service" mean?

Winter service means that we ensure that paths, roads and squares are cleared of snow and ice in winter. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can travel safely on foot or by car without slipping or falling. When it's cold and snowing outside, our team comes into action.

We use special tools and machines to remove snow and ice quickly. This also includes spreading salt or sand to reduce the risk of slipping. Our winter service is important for everyone: for pedestrians, drivers and also for businesses, so that everyone reaches their destination safely.

Why is a professional winter service important?

A good winter service not only ensures safety on the roads, but also helps to prevent accidents. Icy roads can be very dangerous. We want everyone to be safe, which is why we work thoroughly and reliably. Our team is very knowledgeable and knows what needs to be done to make roads and paths safe again quickly.


With our winter service, you don't have to worry when it gets cold. We make sure that you and your loved ones can get out and about safely. Put your trust in our experience and let us work together to ensure a safe winter season.

Our winter maintenance services

Snow Removal

When snow falls, we are quick to act to clear roads, sidewalks, and public spaces. Our snow removal services are essential to ensure safety during the cold months. As soon as the snow begins to fall, our team is equipped with shovels, snow plows, and other state-of-the-art equipment, ready to remove snow quickly and efficiently. This ensures that paths, roads, and squares remain passable and accessible, so that no one is hindered by snow. Our priority is to create a safe environment for everyone by preventing snow accumulation before it becomes a problem.

  • Rapid Response Times: We respond immediately when snow falls.
  • Thorough Clearing: No path is left untouched to ensure maximum safety.
  • Modern Equipment: We use the latest technologies for fast and effective snow removal.

De-icing Services

Slippery surfaces are a major hazard in winter. Our de-icing service uses environmentally friendly de-icing materials like salt and sand to combat ice and snow on paths and roads. This is a critical step to increase safety for pedestrians and drivers and to prevent accidents. Our experienced team ensures that all surfaces are thoroughly treated to minimize slip hazards. We constantly monitor weather conditions and adjust our spreading measures accordingly to ensure optimal safety.

  • Effective Materials: We use environmentally friendly de-icing materials that are effective against ice.
  • Safety for All: Pedestrians and vehicles benefit from our de-icing services.
  • Regular Checks: We monitor the weather conditions and re-apply as needed.

Ice Removal

Ice formation on sidewalks and roads is not only annoying but also dangerous. Our team uses special methods to eliminate ice and prevent its formation. By using special tools and techniques, we can effectively combat ice, thus increasing safety for all road users. The quick identification and treatment of icy areas prevent slipping accidents and ensure safe pathways throughout the winter season.

  • Special Tools: With effective tools, we break up and remove ice.
  • Preventive Measures: We identify hazardous spots and act immediately.
  • Safety Inspections: After removing ice, we check the areas for further slip hazards.

Winter Service Planning

Proactive planning is crucial to effectively address the challenges of winter. We work closely with our customers to create individual winter service plans tailored to their specific needs and geographical conditions. By considering weather forecasts and planning in advance, we can ensure that our resources are optimally utilized to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

  • Individual Plans: Each customer receives a customized winter service plan.
  • Weather Monitoring: We adjust our operations based on the current weather situation.
  • Communication: We regularly inform you about planned measures and changes.

Emergency Service for Extreme Weather

Extreme weather events require quick and decisive action. Our 24/7 emergency service is prepared to respond immediately to heavy snowfall, ice storms, or other extreme conditions. With additional resources and trained teams, we can respond quickly to ensure the safety and mobility of everyone, regardless of the weather conditions.

  • 24/7 Availability: Our emergency service is always available when you need us.
  • Quick Action: We act immediately to eliminate hazards.
  • Additional Resources: In extreme weather, we deploy additional forces and equipment.

Why choose us?

Experience, professionalism and dedication to your safety

Fast response time

Immediately ready for use in the event of snowfall.

Environmentally friendly materials

Use of safe, sustainable gritting agents.

All-round security

Ensuring your mobility and safety.

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