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Safety on and around the tracks is a fundamental requirement for the smooth running of rail traffic. Our company specializes in comprehensive track safety solutions to meet this critical need. From the provision of qualified safety personnel to the implementation of state-of-the-art safety technology, we offer everything needed to ensure that track construction projects comply with regulations.


Our track safety services

Our track safety expertise extends to a wide range of services specifically designed to make track construction sites safe and efficient. We understand the complexity and high safety requirements associated with working on and around track systems. That's why we offer:

  • Qualified safety personnel: Our team consists of experienced professionals who are specially trained to safeguard construction sites on railway tracks. From safety marshals through to technical function users for automatic warning systems - we ensure that every construction site meets the highest safety standards.

  • Modern safety technology: To further increase safety at track construction sites, we rely on state-of-the-art technologies such as automatic radio warning systems (ATWS). These systems provide additional protection for personnel by emitting acoustic warning signals as soon as a train approaches.

Track safety is a critical component of rail transportation that requires specialized expertise and a deep commitment to safety. Our mission is to make rail transportation safer and ensure the smooth running of track construction projects through our comprehensive track safety services.

Security personnel

Track safety by USM Security GmbH

Ensuring safety at and around railway construction sites requires not only specialized technology but, above all, qualified and experienced safety personnel. Our company places great emphasis on ensuring that all employees in the area of track safety are well-trained and qualified for their tasks.

Qualifications and Areas of Deployment

Our safety personnel encompass a wide range of professionals who are specially trained for the various aspects of track safety. These include:

  • Safety guards: They are responsible for monitoring construction site areas and ensuring that all safety regulations are adhered to. Their presence is crucial for preventing accidents and incidents.

  • Safety supervisors: These employees take responsibility for larger sections or entire projects. They ensure that all safety measures are correctly implemented and followed.

  • Authorized personnel for railway grounding and level crossing guards: Specialized roles responsible for safety in electrical works and at level crossings.

  • Technical inspectors for Automatic Warning Systems: These professionals are responsible for the inspection and functionality of the deployed warning systems.

Our employees have the necessary qualifications to ensure optimal safety on every construction site. Through continuous training and education, we keep our professionals' knowledge up to date, thereby ensuring a continuous improvement of safety standards.

Our Professionals

We are proud to employ highly qualified safety personnel who have extensive experience on railway tracks. This experience allows us to effectively secure both small and large railway construction projects. Our staff is our greatest asset, and we invest heavily in their training and qualification.

The high work quality of our safety personnel is based on solid training and regular education. We ensure that our employees are not only trained in one area but are also educated in other relevant disciplines. These multiple qualifications enable flexible deployment planning and contribute to our ability to efficiently distribute our personnel to the current railway construction sites in need.

Railway safety is an essential part of railway operations, requiring the highest standards of qualification and commitment from the personnel involved. Our company specializes in not only meeting these requirements but continuously exceeding them to ensure safety and efficiency at railway construction sites. With our qualified safety personnel, we offer comprehensive service aimed at ensuring the smooth and safe progress of construction projects in the railway area.

Security technology

Modern technology for track safety

Advanced safety technology plays a crucial role in ensuring safety on and around railway construction sites. Our company offers a comprehensive portfolio of cutting-edge technologies and equipment in the field of track safety, to ensure the protection of all parties involved and a disruption-free railway operation.

Automatic Warning Systems (ATWS) for Track Safety

Automatic Warning Systems (ATWS) represent a revolutionary advancement in securing railway construction sites. These systems enable early and reliable warning to personnel working on or near the tracks about approaching trains. Our ATWS technology, including the Minimel Lynx System, utilizes rail contacts to detect the approach of trains. Subsequently, an acoustic signal is triggered via a radio-controlled warning system, alerting the personnel working in the danger zone.

This technology offers significant added value for safety, as it enables collective warning, thus reaching all persons in the danger zone simultaneously. The installation and maintenance of the ATWS installations are carried out by our qualified team, which offers comprehensive services from assembly, project planning, to technical acceptance testing and operation.

Secure Barriers for the Protection of Railway Construction Sites

In addition to automatic warning systems, we also deploy fixed barriers to securely delineate work areas at railway construction sites. This measure is particularly important to prevent workers from inadvertently entering areas where train traffic continues. The GST barrier system, approved by the Deutsche Bahn AG, is an effective means to block access to adjacent tracks, thereby ensuring the safety of workers.

The fixed barrier acts as a physical barrier that clearly separates the work area from active tracks. We handle the entire process from the installation of barriers to their removal after the completion of construction measures. Through the use of these safety measures, we ensure that construction sites are not only effectively but also safely secured.

Railway Construction Signals for Securing Construction Sites

Another important component of our track safety services are special railway construction signals. These are placed along the tracks to inform locomotive drivers early about the presence of construction sites and associated hazards. Signals such as slow-moving areas (LF) and protection-stop signals (SH2) play a crucial role in communication between construction site teams and train traffic, enabling safe passage through or past construction site areas.


Our comprehensive understanding and expertise in track safety enable us to support projects of any size and complexity. By employing the latest safety technology and methods, we significantly contribute to the improvement of safety in railway construction projects. Our goal is to maximize the safety of all parties involved through innovative solutions and competent implementation, while keeping railway operations as efficient and uninterrupted as possible.

Winter service

Winter services for track safety

Winter maintenance plays an essential role in the comprehensive range of track safety services, especially during the cold months when snow and ice can significantly disrupt rail traffic. Our company ensures the safety and reliability of rail traffic even in difficult weather conditions by providing effective snow clearance services.

Snow clearance at level crossings and points for safe rail traffic

Our winter services focus on clearing snow and ice at critical points on the rail network, such as level crossings and points. These measures are crucial to ensure the smooth operation of rail traffic even in wintry conditions. By using specialized clearing technology and experienced personnel, we ensure that switches and level crossings are cleared of snow and ice quickly and efficiently to prevent operational disruptions and ensure the safety of all rail traffic participants.

Trained personnel ensure reliable winter services

The quality of our winter service is based on the deployment of specially trained personnel who are not only familiar with the particular challenges of snow clearance, but also ensure the necessary track safety during the clearance work. The combination of professional expertise and the right equipment enables us to provide a reliable service even under the most demanding conditions. Our aim is to ensure the safety and punctuality of rail traffic, even in winter, by taking preventative measures and reacting quickly to changes in the weather.


Our comprehensive approach to track safety therefore includes not only the technical and personnel protection of construction sites and the continuous monitoring of rail traffic, but also specialized services such as winter maintenance, which help to maintain safe and efficient rail traffic in all weather conditions.

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